Thursday, February 4, 2010

When the apple starts borrowing the tree's leaves...

Anyone recognize Mom's Dirty Shirley dress?

Or how about Mom's white coat with the fox fur collar?
Look closer--those are Mom's seed pearl hoops, too!!

In the ongoing quest to keep Aerin clad, we have begun to dip into Mommy's closets. At 5'5" and still growing at a newly-minted 13, we can wear everything of Mom's except shoes. (Mom wears a child-like 6, while daughter is in a 10...for now).

Tonight's getup saw her through February Cotillion at Radnor Hunt.

Wonder what she'll pick for the next class?



Bethany said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! My girls are only 8 and are waiting for the day they can borrow my clothes. xoxo

EntertainingMom said...

What an adorable apple she is!!!

bevysblog said...

How fun she can share her mother's clothes! Or should I say, how lucky!

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