Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm lovin' it

Just picked this up, for those of you jonesing for some late 70s retro preppy skirting. I am going to wrap myself into this when it arrives by post.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turning off

Here's to shutting off the noise...morning TV news TV as background...what a stress reliever.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The French Lemon is gone

My fave store in Wayne PA has closed. Sad discovery.
Thanks, ML Willcox, for lots of great goodies over the years.

Top Mangled Words

Words people say all the time--and often mispronounce:

1. Ornery (I hear folks turn this into "onnery")

2. Verbiage (somehow gets said as "verbage")

3. Palm (comes out as "pall-m")

4. Nuclear (we've all heard this one as "nucular")

5. Ralph Lauren, as in Lauren Bacall (even the Polomeister himself couldn't have adopted"Laur-enn")

6. Beaucoup, as in the French word for "very much, or a lot" (now accepted as

"boo-coo" as in having "boo-coo bucks" when it should be "bo-coo")

7. Boutique, again French for a small, exclusive specialty shop (often uttered as "bo-teek" in stead of the correct "boo-teek")

And how did "out of pocket" come to mean "out of touch?"

Didn't this used to mean "at your own cost?"

Always in style

This is Lee style goddess...Jackie O's little sis, but the savvier of the two as a tastemaker...

Community Clothes Charity (CCC)

Starting October 29...a great benefit...feel good about fashionista-ing...

Spread Eagle Village in Strafford PA...almost as good as the Lilly sale!


This is my first all who visit, welcome!


Will the economic downturn signal a return to grunge fashion? I remember the early 90s fashion hangover from the excesses of the previous decade. What it amounted to was a period of sloppy style that passed as cost-conscious couture.
Hope not!

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