Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top Mangled Words

Words people say all the time--and often mispronounce:

1. Ornery (I hear folks turn this into "onnery")

2. Verbiage (somehow gets said as "verbage")

3. Palm (comes out as "pall-m")

4. Nuclear (we've all heard this one as "nucular")

5. Ralph Lauren, as in Lauren Bacall (even the Polomeister himself couldn't have adopted"Laur-enn")

6. Beaucoup, as in the French word for "very much, or a lot" (now accepted as

"boo-coo" as in having "boo-coo bucks" when it should be "bo-coo")

7. Boutique, again French for a small, exclusive specialty shop (often uttered as "bo-teek" in stead of the correct "boo-teek")

And how did "out of pocket" come to mean "out of touch?"

Didn't this used to mean "at your own cost?"

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