Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Silver Julep Cups

It's four more months to Derby Day, but it's never too soon to trot out the silver cups.
Not only are they super for mint-garnished May cocktails, but I use them for flowers, and for overall decor in our horsey-themed den. I have about a dozen and they've been well-used and worn over the years...mostly at steeplechases and point-to-points...for the occasional champers chug...a motley and mismatched collection. Some are baby cups (mine and the kids')...some are family cups from some shoot, etc. All have a bit of a scratched patina from picnic baskets and tailgates. Cheers!

Polishing away,


Summer is a Verb said...

If I ever have a baby boy I plan on collecting Hunt cups for him beginning at birth...XXOO

Anne Lake said...

Those are the fun ones!

uncoolmom17 said...

Love them. So classic and elegant. Your blog is wonderful!

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