Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fur Sure

Dark brown mink jacket...perfect with Tory jeans and a white shirt

Before launching into this post, I must first clarify an important point: I am an animal activist and pet owner. I am against exploitation of animals for any purpose. And yet...I do wear fur.

However--all my furs (with one exception) have been passed on to me by older, fur-loving family. These pieces have found an appreciative spot in my closet, and I can say without guilt that I have not supported the fur trade with a single dollar of my own. Do I ever feel I am contributing to animal suffering merely by wearing the pelts? There are some moments when I must confess that I am conflicted between my passion for animals and my desire for glamour. I am an imperfect person, clearly.

That said--on to the retro-chic of the fine fur coat, jacket or stole. Why else would we stubbornly don a garment with such controversy in every seam? Because there is nothing else that instantly transforms even the lowly blue jean into a stylish statement.

And so I share my embarrassingly bulging fur vault avec vous...

Black sheared mink swing coat...ideal with a swanky black cocktail dress

Brown sheared mink jacket...with jeans, tweed trousers

Brown full-length mink coat...classic for day

Black full-length mink coat...drama for night

Light brown shearling coat...for the country

White mink jacket...a little bit Aspen, but what the heck

Off-white mink stole...tres Doris Day over dresses, suits, et al

Black Persian lamb with white mink collar and cuffs...that unbeatable Betty Draper conservative combo

Autumn Haze mink with fox collar and trim...a real Alexis Carrington production

White full-length robe-style mink coat...a little Liberace, plus a few Santa-esque jokes at the holidays

I told you I was shallow.

Cozying up to my closet,


Summer is a Verb said...

Add the off white mink stole to my dibbies loot pile por favor...XXOO

Anne Lake said...

Consider it done.

Her Preppiness said...

I love fur!! I have some that was inherited too. said...

Seriously OMG!!!! Loooove it all!!! And I totally agree with your ambivilance on love of animals versus love of beautiful furs...

I have a fab caramel colored mink jacket that was given to me by my grandfather when my grandmother passed away.

Preppy Best,

~BB said...

My mom and I donated all of our furs to the local opera company's costume department.

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