Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burberry Babe

Are you lovin' that plaid as much as I do? Actually my enthusiasm for Burberry is more about the overall styling than the ubiquitous plaid lining that has been so copied down. Truth is, the trench and barn coats are so well made and classic that they last forever.

The super-heavy trench...

With detachable woolen lining (and collar, not shown).

The full-length retro Burberry with the removable wool lining is the ideal cloaking for a nasty, wet day...perfect for a UK sojourn, from whence it originated.

Quilted version...

The quilted barn jacket has also become an instant classic as the suburban mom's go-to taxi jack. A trip to the Farmers Market in Strafford means sighting at least half a dozen, in a flotilla of shades. (Mine above is a kelly green.) Although I do believe that there are knock-offs running around out there (ick)...

The newer edition: shorter, lighter, more body-hugging.

My new fave is the lighter-weight, more tailored trench, but still in the knee area for dress coverage--and more defined. Think Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour.

The heavy trench was purchased in the early 90s in--of all places--Syms! In the designer area, I watched it for about a month before scoring it at an unbelievable price. (About a quarter of what it cost at the time). You just never know!

And if you're feeling super-Sloane-y (80s, very Lady Di-esque, pre-Charlie), you can jump in with both feet and completely overdo it with a head-to-toe look by adding your kilt. (Too matchy-matchy, as my daughter says, but sometimes you just can't help it.)

The longer, classic kilt with pin...

Or the lower-thigh-baring, trendier shortie.

I wear both of my kilts with an assortment of black cash twin sets or turtles, with the occasional old-school Geiger black boiled wool jacket thrown in if I'm really up for the full-sauna effect...and black tights and flats, natch...

Engaging in trench warfare,


CZ said...

Love it all! :)

Bethany said...

Love it! My Burberry toggle wool coat is one of my favorite things! I feel like an elegant Paddington Bear. The quality is wonderful.

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