Friday, April 9, 2010

Zumba mama

It may surprise some to know that I am a certified ZUMBA instructor. For those not familiar with ZUMBA, this is a Latin-inspired cardio dance fitness craze that emanates from Colombia. Salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, is all the rage, as it burns 300-750 calories an hour while one bops away, having the time of one's life. Tres addictive.

I began taking ZUMBA classes 13 months ago, and immediately felt I had come home in terms of a fitness routine. I have a background in theatre and dance, and thus ZUMBA particularly appealed to me. I decided to challenge myself to become certified as an instructor as a way of celebrating turning the corner to age 50.

Not that I needed another job. I teach one-two classes a week in the evenings, so it's like being paid to stay fit!

I must say the mandatory ZUMBA costuming has taken some getting used to. Admittedly, the billowy, cargo-type pants made of parachute fabric are a bit MC Hammer. Imagine moi--typically Lilly-ed, bejeweled and coifed--sporting a pony, Newsboy cap, tank top with "ZUMBA--JOIN THE PARTY!" emblazoned across the bustline, and numerous beaded bracelets and hoop earrings.

It is truly a different side to myself, and a shock to many...such as my 80+ year-old mere.

To Babs, being a fitness instructor is very step above prostitution and pole-dancing. When she first saw me, decked out in full ZUMBA regalia, she shook her head and rolled her eyes toward New England. "Thank God no one in West Hartford can see you," were her words. She refers to it as my "jumping up and down," which seems unlady-like to her formerly tennis-and-golf mindset.

Oh well. Ya gotta love her.

Still, I ZUMBA away, a weekly few hours leaving my conservative self behind and re-embracing my performer self.

Also new to me was the fact that at age 50, I had a job that involved wearing a name tag.

So far on my professional journey, I had managed to avoid such occupations.

I guess it's never too late for a new experience.

Do you have a ZUMBA class near you? Have you tried one? Share, please!

Mambo me,


Trish said...

Anne, I am DYING to try ZUMBA! Where are your classes held?? :)

mFw said...

They offer it at my college but I haven't been, I should probably try it sometime, but I'm a terrible dancer. That's great you get paid to work out!

LPC said...

Have never done Zumba. I also have a background in theater and dance, but somehow have wound up in yoga...BTW, I love those silver sneakers:).

Preppy 101 said...

You are fabulous. Period.
So fun and great to do something out of our norm, isn't it? Keeps us young!! xoxo

uncoolmom17 said...

So much fun! I never quite understood what Zumba was. Thanks for sharing. I must find a class near me :)

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