Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the Avenue

I had an Aunt Bunny who died last year. Needless to say, Easter was her favorite holiday.
I think of her now, and miss her.

She loved to wear hats, as do I. I miss the fun, frivolity and uniformity of style that hats conferred. I can recall a time when going to church meant looking out on an ocean of hats and gloves.

But, as it is the weekend of the bunny, I have unboxed my favorite Eric Javits bonnets to peruse for wearability on Sunday.
I may not make the parade that Judy and Fred graced, but I will doubtless pay homage to my Aunt Bunny in true style.

Ears up,


mFw said...

Love the hats! They are so classic! Happy Easter!

Mrs. Expat said...

what great memories you have of your Aunt--it pays to have style. Loved all of your hats, you need to come to Delhi for The Melbourne Cup party. Hats galore!

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

Great hats! I can't wait for the first chance I get to tote my Javits beach bag to the pool! Happy hoppy, friend!

Rosie Campbell said...

Great hats!

Kathie Truitt said...

I, too am a lover of hats. I vacationed in Florida this week and wore a hat most of the time. My dear friend Pat who is one of the most beloved socialites here in DC (her pictures are always in the society magazines - even in New York) has worn a hat every single day that I have known her. We've been friends for over 7 years and I've never seen her without a hat.

Have a great Easter!

Bella Michelle said...

I love hats as well. I especially love you pink with feathers one!

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