Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dark Harbor

This spate of spectacular weather is so welcome. However, amidst the celebration of 85 degree days comes the conundrum of what to wear...after all, it still is only April. Breaking out shorts, sleeveless Lilly and the like still seems premature.

To the rescue: my ever-dependable stock of J McLaughlin Harbor dresses.
I have four or five of them at the ready. Cotton in varying incarnations...3/4 sleeve...pop-able collar...and just plain great classic taste gives one an in-between option for these in-between days.

The horsey-themed one is ideal for upcoming steeplechases and Devon in May.

And a sidenote: Summer is a Verb has shamed me into updating my hangers. When one has too many clothes, one tends to fall behind on hanger stock. The Joan Crawford Project hereby commences.

Harboring a runaway dress or two,


Precious and Pink said...

These are so pretty--definitely the perfect choice for warmer days. I just ordered one last night in green and blue, can't wait to receive mine & start wearing it!

JMW said...

With Derby approaching in my town, I have to say I love the horse-themed dress. Although, all frocks you have featured are fabulous!

bevy said...

Love those beautiful dresses...

And I applaud you for your hanger switch! No wire hangers!!!

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

Love the horsie JM dress bestest! Hangers. I am neurotic about hangers. California closets shamed me, but don't tell, I still have a stash of plain white plastic and hot pink plastic just b/c I love them.

Summer is a Verb said...

Yeaaaa....good girl Anne! I want after pics posted. And, I am still kicking myself for not getting that first J. McL horsey dress shown. Finger's crossed they made it again this year...XXOO

Beth Dunn said...

LOVE! Them all. That is one of my favorite cuts from JM. xoxo

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