Friday, April 16, 2010

Penn Club of New York

One of my great pleasures is my membership in the Penn Club of New York. This stately and fun private establishment within walking distance of everything is our home-away-from-home on our frequent trips to the city.

The parties, All-Ivy cocktail hours, breakfasts-lunches-dinners, stimulating symposia, gorgeous dining and social areas and gracious guest rooms are all top-notch. Best of all, it's still a place where white-gloved and uniformed service exists as in yesteryear.

Their annual member holiday bash is a must, as are numerous other calendar events.

If you are a Penn alum, I would advise you give it serious consideration, especially if you live either in town or in the northeast in general. Just look for the lovely blue awning!

Moving and Quakering,


Her Preppiness said...

My Mum is a member. She is a member of the Class of 1955. she will be donning her Old Guard sash for the first time in May.

Anne Lake said...

The Old Guard thing is such a great tradition!

LPC said...

I always think about joining the Princeton club for my trips to New York but to date I just haven't done it. There are so many great hotels in the city that I get tempted away...

Mrs. Expat said...

So nice to know that standards are kept at some places in our country. You also set a fine expample.

Summer Wind said...

I am a new follower.. just wanted to say that I just love reading your blog!

Dana said...

For so long now women have fought for equal rights with men, and here the Penn Club has set us back decades! No one should know a woman's marital status from her "title". Mrs. is used only before a woman's husband's name. When using her name, Ms. is what is appropriate! Men are called Mr. and no one knows if they are married or single. This is why we now use Ms. Besides Mrs. Anne Lake would have meant (in the olden days) that you were divorced! Maybe you could enlighten them over there, Anne!

North of 25A said...

Hello! So nice to have found you from thebeautiful North Shore. I had to chuckle when I read this post; although not a member my husband is a Quaker. Great blog - nice to "meet" you!

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