Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come fly with me

Spousey is a private pilot and we have a lot of fun with it! It is soooo exciting to decide to head down to the shore for dinner, for example. Or zip off for a fun destination without dealing with airport security and all the extra hassle.

These pics were a birthday dinner in Cape May. Reservations at a great restaurant, have a car ready and waiting at the airport when we land so we can explore, and then off to a fabulous meal and a quiet trip back in the darkening sky. Very romantic!

Spousey is very safe and incurable speed demon in a car, he is a triple-checker as a pilot.

Up in the air,


Bethany said...

Such beautiful pictures from the air. Hope you had a gorgeous weekend. xoxo

mFw said...

How fun and fabulous! Love the pictures!

MaryBeth said...

I am really starting to not like you (haha). Private planes, jewels, vacations... xo, MB

CZ said...

How fun!!!! Safe travels!!!!:)

mary anne said...

My husband is also a pilot. I agree with everything you said!! We are just "plane people with a special air about us:!

Pink Champagne said...

How fun!

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