Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Champers a la Lilly

These delightful champagne glasses were a gift one year ago for a "significant birthday," as the saying goes.

My dear friend Lindsay found them for me, made by Deborah Fitzgerald of KL Designer Glasswares.

She uses Lilly fabrics to create these custom pieces. Beautifully boxed and wrapped, with grosgrain ribbon at each base, these made a big hit at our Easter celebration for our mimosas.

A votre sante, LP,


College Prepster said...

I love the glasses! I made some too:

JMW said...

How fun are those glasses?! That would be great for a party.

Summer is a Verb said...

Omg, I must have those! XXOO

Trish said...

Aren't those glasses the best? I ordered four sets from KL designs back when she was selling them strictly on eBay. They are so perfect for parties, I love them to pieces! XOXO

the pink prep said...

hi there! I LOVE the glasses -- such beauties would be a staple at ANY summer shin-dig!
ps -- just found your blog and will become a follower!!! you've got great style, lady -- and super good-looking kids! :-)

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