Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Where ya been, Anne?"

Yes, I know. We're now strangers once again. It's been THAT long since my last post back in June.

I apologize to all, and can only offer an excuse that sounds suspiciously like a plea for sympathy and unlike my usual more refined use of the King's English: my summer--as my kids would say--sucked.

My husband had three knee surgeries. (The third was two weeks ago.)
He has been on crutches, needing all the wifely support (including trays and chauffeuring) one can imagine.
My dog broke his leg and had surgery. (That was three weeks ago.)
He has been in a splint, needing all the momly support (including bowls and carrying) one can imagine.
Another dog died.
We miss him.
My convertible got flooded out.
We had to get a new one. (Not a convertible.)
Our son went off to college.
We miss him.

This is the complaint department, right?


In the meantime, you have probably moved on to bloggers whose lives are as lovely and decorous and devoid of drama as mine once was.

Before you defect, know that I am coming back.
In fact, I AM back.

Amidst the fall of leaves and its reveal of trees' natural bone structures, the silly fun of Halloween and the onrush of holidays, I am taking a contemplative pause. (But not a blogging one. That one is over.)

The pool is closed down.

Fall wreaths itself at every door.

The porch is cleared of its welcoming white wicker and potted blue hydrangea; only the nascent floor shade remains as a tease of warmer days way ahead now.

So much to catch up on...
please come back again...

Missing you too,


Kathie Truitt said...

((sighing)) really ARE back. I missed you.

Bumby Scott said...

It is nice to have you back.

Beth Dunn said...

Gone but never forgotten, welcome back. We all need breaks from time to time

melissa said...

You've been missed, Anne! Welcome back to blog land!! xo

Bella Michelle said...

So glad you have returned! It does sound as if you have had a few things to keep you distracted from blogland! Hope things calm down a bit now!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

So glad you're back! :)

Preppy 101 said...

Glad you are back. The break was much needed considering your summer. Hope everyone is on the mend. So sorry to hear about your doggie. It's hard to lose our best friends. Xoxo

ERR said...

Welcome back!

sle said...

Yippee!! Wishing you a relaxing fall, free of added worries and stress,or should I say broken bones? Glad to have you back!

Gwennie said...

I have been checking daily. I am so glad your back!

Donna said...

We really DO have (some) things in common!! Our poor doggie died a few weeks ago and our hearts will never be the same. My hubbie had a total knee 5 weeks ago (and one 4 years ago) and I, too, have been the nurse maid. Phew!
Hmmm! There were other things I thought of but can't go back to see when commenting....ANYway sympathising with you!!!

kp said...

Hi glad you are back. I started following your blog right before your hiatus, so I look forward to many new posts!

:) kristin

bevy said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! thank godness for google reader xox

- J

Jennifer Lynn said...

Never left, patiently waited for you to come welcome Home!

So missed reading your blog. I hope your patients are healthy real soon.

Summer is a Verb said...

Pshaw, ya were just on holiday...XXOO

ps...crushed to read you lost one of your babies. I'll tell Templeton to introduce himself.

The 5 Bickies said...

I've been checking in on you and am glad to see you are back at it! I hope your patients are well and truly on the mend this time!

Hot Pink Dahlia said...

I am glad you are back..I really missed your blog..I kept checking about every two days....and i stopped for a couple of days this week, and you are back..I guess a watched pot never boils!!!

Guardian of Gimcracks/Oyster Girl said...

So happy to see you are back in the blogshere!

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