Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barbour weather

Late fall has finally arrived here in Chester County and with it comes the breakout of my Barbour outerwear.
One cannot say enough about the genius of these coats and jackets with their superb craftsmanship and last-forever quality.
I have two which see me through daily, depending on whether it's wet or dry.

For dry and chilly November days, my go-to is this classic Barbour-green quilted coat.

Its three-quarter length makes it versatile for wear with pants or skirts, and the hood protects one's neck and head from raw winds. Pockets galore, and snaps plus a zipper closure make it sensible and easy to wear. It's fleece-lined, so it's quite toasty. Not to mention, it can be popped into the washer (cold water, handwash settings) and into the dryer as well.

When rain is in the mix, I don my trusty waxy jacket with its warm heavy lining. Rain simply melts off this jacket. Perfect for riding, too.

Pair these with cords and wellies and you're set for anything sporty.



Donna said...

They look warm and cozy and comfotable and have character! I like both and have something similar. Classics never fade!!

Rumana Akter said...

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JMW said...

My husband broke out his Barbour jacket a couple of weeks ago. I gave it to him for our anniversary last year - love it!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

My Barbour (Beaufort) is now 23 years old (got it in London when I lived there) and needs a serious waxing. I keep forgetting to do it. Love that quilted one you have.

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