Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bell Tolls

Time marches on for us all. But it is best appreciated with a stylish tick-tock whether it is being marked on one's wrist or in the home.

I am quite fond of antique clocks and am fortunate to have several.

Here are three of my favorites...

A lovely French mantel clock in brass and enamel from Japy Freres...

An English grandfather clock circa 1800...

And a Connecticut mantel clock from the early 1800s...

An interesting note: we have a time bandit or clock ghost living in our 1741 home. I have come to this conclusion because every clock we have, no matter how many times my clock repairman comes and does his thing, soon ceases to function properly. The chimes don't match the little hand, et al. It is as if, literally, time is standing still. And that's okay. I rather enjoy the illusion that time alone is abstract concept in and of itself...that bears little importance in comparison with its enjoyment. In our minute-managed society and world, where the time-stamp is proof that we exist, it is a comfortingly indulgent whim, this ignoring of the stuff that life is made of.

Time to fly,


Donna said...

I am a lover of clocks too. These are much charm!!

Rumana Akter said...

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