Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lo, how a rose ere blooming...

In the midst of a Noah-esque downpour, fleurs and other signs of Spring have arrived least indoors.

The coat always gets many compliments, and is from the etcetera clothing line sold by my dear friend Tracy.

Spring forward everyone,


bevy said...

Love your Herend bunny... my ex-husband go the Herend cats in our divorce. Another reason I am better off without him!!! LOL

Beth Dunn said...

All gorgeous, like you. BTW I love the potpourri-I've been sleeping with it. xx


Her Preppiness said...

Stunning and fabulous!!!!!

Maggie said...

Pretty! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely spring things.

Anonymous said...

Found you through Beth! Love your blog!! Aren't you ready for Easter? ;) and my word such gorgeous earrings! Have a great week! xoe

Phyllis said...

I love your house, furniture, jewels -- it's all good. Hopsy told me about you when we were discussing the Hopsy handbags. I'm excited to be having one made.

A question, if you don't mind -- I recognize the green Herend bunny, but would you please tell what the white bunnies and duck, and the Mr. Bunny are? They're all too cute.

BTW, if you ever tire of the Aquamarine egg ring I'd love to have 1st dibs. It's gorgeous.

Thanks a bunch.

Phyllis said...

Hi again, Anne --

Forgot to include my email.

Thanks, Phyllis

Miss Janice said...

You are just the classiest blogger on the block! Love all your photos.

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