Monday, November 30, 2009

Everything in moderation....except...

Well...Fall bags. Handbags. Totes. Wristlets and the like. I have a serious case of Pursuing the Purse. Pursuant to that...(tee hee)...herewith follows a few of my current crop...a somewhat embarrassing cache of carry-ons for just this season, I must admit...
  • Tod's bag
  • Bee straw Bosom Buddies bag
  • Two springish clutches from Lilly (of course!)
  • My prize Lilly Jubilee bejeweled clutch
  • Ancient Hermes croc
  • Even more ancient Louis
  • My trusty VV Penn alum tote
  • VV corduroy patchwork tote
  • A troika of cute faves: Tory leopard print envlope, and two J McLaughlin clutches
  • Super-old Barry Kieselstein-Cord gator bag
  • New buttery Chanel
  • Lilly Mizner clutch
  • Hot pink Kate Spade Quinn
  • And last but not least my somewhat-worse-for-the-wear Birkin
This is where I struggle with the shallow thing. But not for too long!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday S&S

Ahhh...a blog requisite: the themed, repetitive day-'o-the-week post.

My fave Mel has Monty Monday...The Trad shares his Friday Belt (actual waist-cinchers paired with the appropriate shot of whatever)...Hopsy has her Wasp what was left?

Introducing Sunday S&S...honoring two of my passionately chosen wardrobe staples: Sweaters and Shoes.

Here's the opening kick-off (or sweat-off, as the case may be)...

Coach kiltie black patent flats with a Geiger navy/green boiled wool jacket (I know, not really a sweater, but today's choice). The former, a 2009 purchase for kilt accessorization...the latter a 1995 acquisition from a now-defunct Main Line ladies shop called The Charlene Shop. Like so many other small boutique purveyors of classic clothing, it was a casualty of changing tastes and aged clientele...


My mom is 87. Yes, 87. Still shaking it, making me crazy. That's her job. I still need her, after all these years. I am thankful.

Thanksgiving Redux

Out of order, yes...but still.

Turkey Day at Londonport Way, complete with a dreadful smoking fireplace in the library (fun watching Spousey and Son "go in" with tools and close the doors behind them, doing battle with a funkily-smoking ember, emerging minutes later, Bertie-like from Mary Poppins), and a small dog "present" tracked in on one elderly guests' walking stick. This is life in the country.

Much to be thankful for: Spousey, children, dogs, mother, great friends, and a super-fun life all around. All in all, a lovely time, followed by Hostess's (moi) annual taking to her bed for recovery...


Since Thanksgiving has now been collapsed into a rehearsal of sorts for the Christmas holiday season, I have given in to the sesaon and taken to my bed since I rinsed the last Spode "Woodland" plate Thursday night. I have spent two days watching holiday movies, wearing VV loungewear and snuggling with Spousey and Monty (children now slightly too old/large/unwilling at this point for said snuggle).

The marquee has included:

Four Christmases (hilarious romp of dysfunctional family fun)
Love, Actually (long-time Hugh fave)
Home Alone (a classic!)
The Family Stone (another must-see every year)

Also took a few moments to record the newly-painted house and barn exterior, avant le deluge of Christmas decor that awaits in the next twenty-four hours...a small break in the fevered schedule that will last only until tomorrow.

How was your apres-Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Among many gifts I am thankful for is our beautiful daughter Aerin.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey-Lurkey Time

Yes...this is not a turkey. This is an adorable duck from Oxford MD, one of our fave haunts. Infinitely preferable to an image of the poor slain turkey.

Once again we are bracing for giving thanks--traditionally a day of heavy entertaining here at Londonport Way! Cocktails begin at 1:00, with an open house for several hours before the bird is consumed around 4.

On the menu:

Drinks time:

2009 Beaujolais Nouveau
Pinot Grigio
Pimms Cups
Artisanal cheeses and crackers


Spiced Pumpkin Soup
Sunset Salad (a Main Line Classics classic)

Roasted Turkey with Apple Brandy Gravy
Oyster Dressing Chesapeake
Sausage and Sage Dressing
American Corn Pudding
Smashed Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans with Bacon
Cranberry Marmalade Relish
Corn Bread

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Crostada
Pecan Pie
Nutmeg Ice Cream


A lotta work, but it's such a great holiday. NO GIFTS!! That's what I like about it. No pressure.
Here's to sweating it out over the hot stove, and then rolling back into bed when everybody leaves!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Proud Mom

My little boy--who's now 18--just received his appointment to VMI. So this is how it goes. We had him such a short time, and now we are savoring his senior year and all the "lasts"...i.e. the last Thanksgiving before college, et al. Even his last long hair!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The most wonderful dog ever!

Please say ciao to my sweet, wonderful Italian Greyhound. His name is Montague Myles Lake, and he celebrated his first nativity last weekend with doggie ice cream treats with his three siblings (Jack whippet, Jessie chocolate lab, and Lilly black lab). He is terribly spoiled (I call it indulged) and was a Manhattan baby before he joined us here in the wilds of Chester County. As such he prefers booties in the rain, along with his yellow slicker. You may notice he is sitting in a kitchen chair--the floor is WAYYYY too dog for the likes of him.


As a dreadfuly infrequent blogger, I have recently been inspired to get it together and post on a more regular basis. Met so many great ladies at the preppy bloggers event before the Lilly sale and have felt SO not fab by comparison. So...I am committing to sharing more...
Here Mary and I are at the Paoli Hospital Mistletoe and Magic event last night at Aronomink...this is a fab dress from my friend Tracy's line etcetera. Tres Valentino. I am wearing it with vintage paste rubies--a clip, earrings and bracelet (not shown).


I was four years old when President Kennedy was assassinated. I recall watching the funeral, hearing the ominous roll of drums, and watching Jackie walk behind the casket. The riderless horse, Black Jack, tossing his head in the procession...46 years later and we still are transfixed by the tragedy and the loss.

Did you say "Jubilee?"

With the Fall Lilly Sale over, I am reminiscing about some of my fave Lillys over the years. Here is my all-time favorite dress: the Jubilee long dress. Got it a year ago at Lilly Suburban Square, even before I knew I was going to my have big 5-0 birthday bash! Naturally, the gold sandals and jeweled clutch followed as well. Best of all, some nice little emeralds from my spouse! What is YOUR favorite Lilly?

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