Monday, November 30, 2009

Everything in moderation....except...

Well...Fall bags. Handbags. Totes. Wristlets and the like. I have a serious case of Pursuing the Purse. Pursuant to that...(tee hee)...herewith follows a few of my current crop...a somewhat embarrassing cache of carry-ons for just this season, I must admit...
  • Tod's bag
  • Bee straw Bosom Buddies bag
  • Two springish clutches from Lilly (of course!)
  • My prize Lilly Jubilee bejeweled clutch
  • Ancient Hermes croc
  • Even more ancient Louis
  • My trusty VV Penn alum tote
  • VV corduroy patchwork tote
  • A troika of cute faves: Tory leopard print envlope, and two J McLaughlin clutches
  • Super-old Barry Kieselstein-Cord gator bag
  • New buttery Chanel
  • Lilly Mizner clutch
  • Hot pink Kate Spade Quinn
  • And last but not least my somewhat-worse-for-the-wear Birkin
This is where I struggle with the shallow thing. But not for too long!!!!


Summer is a Verb said...

How would one go about being included in your will? Dibbies on the Keiselstein- Cord, Chanel, Hermes and, the one that got away during the sale Lilly bejeweled clutch...XXOO

Anne Lake said...

You'll have to fight my 13 year-old daughter for it all...go for it!

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