Saturday, November 28, 2009


Since Thanksgiving has now been collapsed into a rehearsal of sorts for the Christmas holiday season, I have given in to the sesaon and taken to my bed since I rinsed the last Spode "Woodland" plate Thursday night. I have spent two days watching holiday movies, wearing VV loungewear and snuggling with Spousey and Monty (children now slightly too old/large/unwilling at this point for said snuggle).

The marquee has included:

Four Christmases (hilarious romp of dysfunctional family fun)
Love, Actually (long-time Hugh fave)
Home Alone (a classic!)
The Family Stone (another must-see every year)

Also took a few moments to record the newly-painted house and barn exterior, avant le deluge of Christmas decor that awaits in the next twenty-four hours...a small break in the fevered schedule that will last only until tomorrow.

How was your apres-Thanksgiving?


Summer is a Verb said...

I watched The Family Stone 3 times this past weekend. I need to add Love Actually to my queue...XXOO have a Monty who is also named Monty???

Anne Lake said...

We dohave a Monty---Montague actually. I told Mel we need to have a playdate. Cheers!

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