Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mastering the Detox

Sorry for the long posting break. Occasionally the rigors of family and business do interfere...

A rare share of a personal nature...during the last five days I have tried a detox program as a way of revving up the system. I usually anticipate my birthday in late March every year with various self-care and other more introspective activities. This year, I felt a little cleaning and clearing out was in order.

I have long been a fan of the intermittent fast or detox routine. But this is the first time I have used the somewhat controversial Master Cleanse. Not for the timid, it has been famously employed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce to detox and shed extra pounds...very fast. And indeed, that is what you can expect.

While not truly looking to take off weight, I have given the Cleanse a try this past week as a part of a spiritual path on which I find myself of late. And I am happy to report that it has been so far an effective tool for the following reasons:

1. My thoughts have cleared out...a more mellow, peaceful moi has been revealed.
2. I feel completely energized and very positive.
3. I feel very focused, with less interest in sweating the "small stuff" of everyday living.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Cleanse, it involves leaving all solid food in the fridge and cupboard, substituting a lemonade drink, water and organic non-caffeine tea. The lemonade drink is something you make yourself (see the website). It is recommended for a 10-day detox, although some use it longer as part of a real weight-loss plan. (Robin Quivers of Howard Stern fame has shed over 70 pounds using the Cleanse.)

The issue is being in touch with yourself enough to know if this program works for you, or if you feel "hallucinogenic" using it. I can say that I have not felt weird at all...the key is drinking enough of the drink when you feel hungry.

And yes, the bonus is some weight loss. After 6 days, I have shed 7 pounds (and I am already fairly lean.) Key to success is easing back into regular food intake. Many people who have used this to drop weight go for a vegan or largely raw food diet after cleansing. (I am already macrobiotic and exercise regularly.)

If you have tried this, please share.

Squeezing the lemons,

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Main Line Sportsman said...

Whew...I thought we were gonna talk about rehab here....

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