Friday, May 7, 2010


My mother, 1930, West Hartford

Sunday is Mother's Day, and I celebrate it as the Sandwich Generation gal I am: I have a mother who is older now, and I am a mother myself. In the classic tradition of selfless motherhood, I gear the day toward my mother rather than myself.

We will probably have brunch at the club, which my mother likes. And we will probably then go for a drive, which she also likes. My children (18 and 13) are quite patient with this tradition, although they realize it supercedes what they might otherwise plan for their own mother for the day.

I remind them that their grandmother was once young, too.

She is a very old-school New England lady from West Hartford CT, when it really said something to be from West Hartford. She is the real deal, and continues to be a reminder of what truly matters: character, character, character. All my frivolousness certainly has no origin with her.

My own journey to motherhood has been an for another post. But my adventure as a daughter continues, and for that I am thankful.

Mummy, New York, 2008

Love you Babsy,


CZ said...

Lovely post! Happy Mother's Day to you and your fabulous Mummy! Hugs, CZ

RiversideLilly said...

What I lovely post! I lost my dear Mother two months ago but before that spent Mother's Day much the way you do. Enjoy your dear Mum. She sounds wonderful

Nishant said...

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Sheena. G said...

That's a beautiful post. My family is from the West Hartford/Hartford/Wethersfield area also!

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