Friday, February 24, 2012

The Return

With an 11-month break from blogging, I feel it's time to come back. Sometimes the brain needs to re-charge, along with the spirit. In my case, it was that plus a surge in duties on the home front with regard to extended health concerns within my family.

All is now well, so I am once again getting cozy with my Blogger account, and thinking about posts to come.

In the meantime, while content is on PERCOLATE, thanks for sticking with me and sending the occasional naggingly affectionate note.

Today is chilly and wet here in Chester County, perfect for Barbour, jeans and a long walk with one of our now once-again-young stable of canines. The hunt is going through our property beyond the creek, as is usual here in Tuesday-Friday country, rain or shine. The yelps and full cry make our dogs yearn to join in the chase, qualified or not. I recall once when one of our whippets fell in with the pack, returning exhilarated but bloody from the zealous herding of the foxhounds.

So in my own way, I am joining the pack once again, with musings and wanderings posted here.

Back in the saddle,

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